The Return of Sherlock Holmes Volumes 1, 2 and 3

| June 18, 2003

When Granada Television began reproducing the Sherlock Holmes mysteries for television, and PBS began broadcasting them in the early 90’s, the world was reintroduced to the hero of logic, justice, and deduction. And Granada did the series the ultimate justice by netting stage veteran Jeremy Brett to portray the super-intellectual Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Brett’s commanding presence, dedication, and integrity make every adventure a joy for fans of Conan Doyle’s master sleuth. Edward Hardwicke exposes us to a Dr. Watson with depth, emotion, and intelligence. These spellbinding adventures are packed with mystery and suspense. Don’t miss a single clue in these deadly games of cat and mouse.
It is three years after Sherlock Holmes plunged to his death at Reichenbach Falls while fighting with his fiendish adversary Professor Moriarty. Watson and Lestrade take a crack at the unsolved murder of Ronald Adair, yet their efforts produce nothing but a shocking inquest. Lost without Holmes talents to help them, Watson spots a mysterious visitor in court listening to testimony about the murdered man. Could it be the return of Sherlock Holmes?
Sir Eustace Brackenstall, one of the richest men in Kent and the last of the Brackenstall line, is found murdered. A notorious gang of thieves is suspected of the crime, until Holmes and Watson make some startling discoveries, including a charred dog collar. Holmes and Watson must piece together a strange puzzle of love, violence, and deceit to solve the case of The Abbey Grange.
A secret letter is stolen from the house of the Secretary of European Affairs. It is feared that the contents to the letter could cause a “great war” by falling into the wrong hands, and Holmes and Watson are called in to get the letter back. But when the person Holmes suspects of stealing the letter is found murdered, the great detective is led into a tangled web of international intrigue.
Busts of Napoleon are being found smashed to bits all over London. Holmes and Watson are asked to investigate the bizarre events, and a murder that may be related. Is it the work of a madman who still harbors hatred for the dead emperor, or perhaps the work of the Mafia? The case takes the famous sleuth on a chase to find a killer, and to solve the mystery before all six Napoleon statues are destroyed.
Mr. Scott Eccles, a guest of Mr. Aloysius Garcia of Wisteria Lodge, awakens to find his host, the footman and the cook all had vanished in the night! Holmes and Watson enter into one of the most baffling and intriguing cases of their careers when a foreign tyrant, an English governess and an unorthodox police inspector lead them on a wild goose chase, that starts with murder.
The son of the wealthy Duke of Holdernesse is kidnapped from his preparatory school. Holmes and Watson are asked to investigate, but the trail is cold and the boy seems to have vanished. A search of the surrounding moor uncovers surprising evidence that leads the famous sleuth to the trail of the missing boy, and a murderer.
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