The Prince & Me

| April 3, 2004

What woman, no matter how self-sufficient and independent, hasn’t wondered from time to time what it would be like to be Grace Kelly and actually meet a handsome prince?
It’s a rather compelling idea, and one explored a little more deeply by The Prince and Me than you might think. Paige Morgan is a Wisconsin dairy farmer’s daughter who is determined to go to Johns Hopkins and become a doctor. She’s working to put herself through school at the university watering hole, she’s far too busy to have a boyfriend.
Meanwhile, five hours and half a world away, Edward, Crown Prince of Denmark, is living the life of a spoiled royal, mainly because he’s bored; since he knows he’s going to be King someday, his future’s all mapped out. One night he sees an ad on TV for a “Girls Gone Wild–Wisconsin” video and decides that’s where he needs to go. And so he does.
Prince and Pre-Med meet, inevitably. She hates him, he likes her…well, you know the rest.
I love Julia Stiles. I think she’s a wonderful actress, and she really does save this one. There’s a bit with a shovel at an official groundbreaking ceremony that just about makes the whole film. And she and leading man Luke Mabley really do have some chemistry. And it doesn’t all go as perfectly as you would think…
But I do have issues with this film. Now, I know I’m supposed to suspend belief and just enjoy the movie and watch the fairy tale unfold but…a major plot point happens when Paige brings “Eddie” home to Manitowoc, Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. Now, I realise it’s just a movie, but I’ve got a pretty good idea what the average temperature is in Wisconsin, and I’m pretty sure that at the end of November, when Thanksgiving usually is, it’s bitter cold in Wisconsin, and if it hasn’t actually already snowed yet, it’s going to fairly soon. I’m also reasonably sure that people need to wear at least a jacket in Wisconsin in November, and that trees do not have green leaves on them in Wisconsin in November.
Compared to that, the whole “prince meets co-ed and asks her to marry him an d become his queen after only one semester” thing? Totally plausible.
There is also some sort of major favour owed by someone responsible for this film to the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association, because there’s an entire section of the film devoted to what I am sure is a fine institution.
Don’t get me wrong. People in the theatre were enjoying this movie quite a bit. They were laughing. They liked it. And it’s not a bad hour and 50 minutes. Just don’t go planning a trip to Wisconsin in November based on it.

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