The Powerpuff Girls Movie

| July 6, 2002

Girls kick butt!!! And don’t you forget it!!!
Sugar and spice and everything nice is what little girls are made of. Add some chemical X and you get the bug-eyed little freaks called The Powerpuff Girls. I went to see this movie with my husband and was pleasantly surprised with the audience of mostly adult couples. The children in the audience were all girls and one little lady could not stop singing the theme song the entire time. Oh wait! That was me! I love The Powerpuff Girls and I love their movie and I love their song and I love their hair! Sorry, on to the review–
This film is written and directed by the creator of The Powerpuff Girls, Craig McCracken, who also brought audiences the off the wall series Dexter’s Laboratory. It recounts the tale of the origin of these crime fighting li’l ladies. And while they may be li’l they can pack a powerful, powerpuffable punch to the baddies of Townsville with their Herculean powers. These young girls are the botched up science product of Professor Utonium, a man attempting to create something nice to counter the ever menacing meanies of Townsville. The Professor became distressed by what he saw as a downward slide towards wrongdoing and rise in the number of evil doers in his town, therefore he set out to create a product of sugar and spice and everything nice. During the process his spastic, house monkey knocked in some Chemical X creating the special little munchkins known as the Powerpuff girls and in the process sprayed himself. Due to his unfortunate spray of the chemical on his ownself this once simple monkey mutated into a giant brained freak himself, known as Mojo-JoJo! That is Mojo-JoJo, the one and only, the only Mojo-JoJo, as there is no other, no other Mojo-JoJo. Sorry again. The only thing I love more than singing the Powerpuff song is repeating the repetitive sentences that Mojo-JoJo says time and time again throughout the movie.
The three little girls with superhuman strength and laser eyes are, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, each named for their distinct personalities. Blossom is the reasonable one with a very pretty red ponytail to boot. Bubbles is the sensitive yet cheerful one with the adorable blond pigtails and Buttercup is the bitter and realistic one with the very artful, dark haircut. Each one shows a different side of being a girl, sides we all have or had, sides we all embrace and love. Add some superhero powers and you have some little ladies that are just plain fun to watch. It is wonderful that I now have, uh, I mean young girls now have superheroes of their own gender to pretend to be.
I grew up with Hannah-Barbara and Kimba, the White Lion as my examples of the way cartoons should look and feel. These were the examples of good animation and so the Powerpuff girls-type of animation feels like home to me. I love the basic, no nonsense approach of it all. The animation is a series of shapes put together to create a world of simple aesthetics that are retro-futuristic. The hang out for all the cops in town is the donut shop, simply called, Donut Thing. The parking lot is nothing more than cop cars, which made me giggle enough to drop a couple of Skittles on the ground. The trees are merely circular shapes with lines drawn in them to depict branches. The use of shapes is intriguing and different in the era of overdone animation. Also, the plain animation helps with the frantic pace of the film itself. It is the sugar/caffeine rush of animated movies, moving at a pace that could make a grown adult dizzy!
The language and writing of The Powerpuff Girls is also quite different from much of the kid’s movies of recent past in that there is not one toilet/fart joke to be had. Is this because it is aimed at young girls instead of young boys? Hell yes! and I for one am relived by it. The jokes come from a much more sophisticated place than the fart jokes so prevalent in movies today. For example, after The Powerpuff Girls tear up the town in their first game of tag, the headlines read, “Freaky Bug-eyed Weirdo Girls Broke Everything!” Now that’s funny. Jokes about farts are not. That is the simple truth.
The beginning had more of this while the end was more about kicking serious butt. I would have liked to see it mixed up a bit more. It would have been great to slow the end down a bit and speed up the beginning.
Basically, the premise is that the girls learn to harness their powers for the good of Townsville after being duped by Mojo-JoJo thus helping him create an evil empire. He is the power hungry leader of a group of monkeys trying to take over the world. After he gives them all an injection of chemical X making them super-evil he and his band of wicked monkey doers go on a rampage of major proportions. The girls must save the day and in the process make up for all the damage they have helped create!!!
Fun, fun, fun is what this movie is about and I had a ton of it! A virtual “barrel of monkeys” type fun. Get it? Monkeys? Mojo-JoJo? The one and only, there is no other Mojo-JoJo, there can be only one…sorry.
Go see The Powerpuff Girls. And in case you need added incentive, there is a Dexter’s Laboratory short to start the hyper kinetic fun! It rules!!!!!

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