The Killing Zone

| July 18, 2003

MTI Home Video and Delta Entertainment presents The Killing Zone, an “urban” action drama, which threatens to cast off the ominous reputation of made for video movies. Finally, an off-Blockbuster movie devoid of the usual un-sexy sexcapades, redundant nudity and overall bad acting. A movie with plot, meaning and purpose leaving the viewer with a sense of awe that might say, “Wow–and that went straight to video?”
In The Killing Zone, a Harlem psychiatrist played by Issach De Bankolé (3 A.M., Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Night on Earth) lives a mundane life, trying to earn a living in a neighborhood whose residents can’t afford to be shrunk. He’s got a lawyer for a wife played by Sonja Sohn (The Wire, Shaft, Bringing Out the Dead, Matt Servitto, The Sopranos, The Siege, Crime and Punishment) and a cute little son. He’s been living in New York ever since his mentor rescued him from a Nigerian refugee camp as a teen.
But it’s when during an attempt to save an elderly woman from being mugged by a couple of kids, De Bankolé’s mentor is gunned down by an eleven year old boy from Brooklyn. Suddenly, De Bankolé is thrust back into The Killing Zone as past memories of his past in the camp come back while he searches for his mentor’s murderer.
De Bankolé’s family life and practice suffer tremendously as his only goal in life is to seek out the kid who murdered the man who had been a father figure to him. He puts his relationship with his own son in jeopardy as he is consumed with revenge and with confusion. As De Bankolé uncovers his present, he uncovers the secrets of his past. He learns that the kids are working under a sadistic homeless man, using them in an Oliver Twist like situation.
Also starring in The Killing Zone was Rony Clanton (The Royal Tenenbaums, The Devil’s Advocate, Malcolm X). The feature was written and directed by Joe Brewster (The Keeper) and produced by Michéle Stepehnson (The Keeper). The husband and wife team drew upon their backgrounds. Brewster is a Harvard trained Psychiatrist and Stephenson is a documentary filmmaker and attorney who used to run Gabriel’s Witness Program for the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights. The couple is currently working on an affirmative action documentary about students at New York’s Dalton School, where their son is enrolled.
The Killing Zone release August 26, 2003 with a prebook date of August 3rd. It will be available in VHS or DVD format. For more information on The Killing Zone and the pricing, please visit
What can I possibly say about The Killing Zone that would elicit viewers to rent, buy, beg and borrow, shoot whatever it takes, to watch this movie and show it some damn love? How about, go get it and be amazed as I was at the quality and depth of The Killing Zone. It was a damn good movie. Oh, and you may quote me on that.

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