The Killing Jar

| April 11, 2011

This direct-to-DVD offering offers a cast of regulars whose oeuvres are mostly comprised of films which have bypassed the cinematic arena for some reason or other. Harold Perrineau, one of the survivors of Oceanic Airlines flight 815 on “Lost” and Amber Benson, one of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s fellow vampire slayers on the small screen join such less celebrated names like Jake Busey, Danny Trejo, and Michael Madsen for this overall average thriller titled The Killing Jar.
A stranger (Madsen) with a bad attitude and an itchy trigger finger who ambles into a greasy spoon with no qualms about spilling the blood of those either serving up cheap eats or those seeking to consume them. The joint is run by veteran tough guy Danny Trejo (here though in a change if pace playing a good guy, not the hired guns and brutes he has made a career of playing since Runaway Train). Benson waits on customers and like just about every other table tender on big and small screens, bemoans being in a dead-end job and a life outside the workplace which really is no better. Until the night where mystery man Madsen pays the joint a visit.
For the gore-loving audiences, they this is familiar fare to them. Still, there are those who frequent fast food franchises just as there are those who consume films that differ little from titles that boast familiar names, plots, and titles. For those whose constitutions are challenged by the blood-drenched efforts of Sam Peckinpah, Brian DePalma, or Quentin Tarantino (or for that matter names which are recent entries into the DGA, SAG, etc.)–the latter one in all likelihood as Madsen was Reservoir Dogs’ Mr Blonde and Budd in the two-parter Kill Bill.

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