The Hound of the Baskervilles

| December 10, 2010

Produced for Television in 1984 and re-released by BFS Entertainment, the famous Sherlock Holmes story of the Hound of the Baskervilles. Ian Richardson as Holmes is a much a softer, sensative and well-humored person than the dark and distant quality he has in other film adaptations. He isn’t as restless or impatient for clues to the next case. Most of his deducing seems to be happening in his head and not for the audience to see.
The supernatural is Holmes speciality and special interest. As he says in the Conan Doyle stories, nothing is more unusual as the commonplace. The mystery of the hound starts on a moor, a large open land at an english estate where Sir Charles Baskervilles is murdered by a glowing beast. When his American nephew, Sir Henry, returns to England from America, he arrives in London to sort out the details of the property he is inheriting. Dr. Mortimer, Sir Charles’ friend comes to Sherlock Holmes London, seeking his help solve the mystery of the decades-old story of the Hound of Baskerville Hall. The game’s afoot when Sir Henry receives a warning not to return to the moor, and an attempt is made on Sir Henry’s life.
The fog and plot thicken as Holmes disguises himself as a gypsy to collect facts about the case and his faithful sidekick, Watson (Donald Churchil), leads the investigation at the Baskerville estate. Abused wives and vengeful illegitimate children become intwined in the problem of finding Sir Charles’ murderer. The black, glowing hound rears its ugly head and attacks on moor at night, but the beast does not act alone. His master is moments from being discovered by the Holmes.
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