The Gays

| November 14, 2014

Let’s get right to the point: this is a horrible film.  Given the subject matter, this may be seen as homophobic, but I imagine the film’s existence will offend more members of the LGBT community than anyone else.  I’m not gay, but I have gay friends and am completely in support of equal rights for the homosexual community.  What I hate is poorly constructed films that attempt to capitalize on stereotypes and nonsense.

The film doesn’t have a story.  We jump between Alex (Mike Russnak) hitting on a guy in a bar and scenes of Alex interacting with his family.  Alex’s parents are both gay, but his mother is a transgender who gave birth to her sons through her rectum.  The film is full of similar jokes that serve no purpose and just play on disgusting images apparently designed to make people so uncomfortable that they can’t help but laugh.  I’ll spare you any further examples, but it gets a lot worse.

I think The Gays is intended to be satire, stating how ridiculous it is that some people believe that gay parents will raise gay children and do everything in their power to pervert their children’s minds.  The huge problem is that the movie gets bogged down in stereotypes that distract from that purpose, making it unclear if that’s what the filmmakers are actually trying to do.  The most insulting thing about the film is the idea that gay men can’t help but rape each other, and if Alex doesn’t rape his friends, then his parents will tie him up and have the friends rape him.  In order for satire to work, there has to be some real-world perspective providing context for what the film is mocking.  The closest we have to this perspective is the guy Alex is hitting on, but his only purpose is asking questions to move us as quickly as possible to the next family scene.

On top of all of these problems, The Gays is simply a poorly made movie; it feels like a high school project.  The camera work is choppy, the acting is awful, the script has a boring structure, and there’s no plot, let alone conflict.  There were several odd choices made throughout the film, including the birthing scene which is merely a parody of The Exorcist.  I can’t imagine anyone enjoying this movie mostly because I can’t imagine anyone not being insulted by it, or bored by it, or at least cringing at every gay pun.

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