The F Word – Series Four

| April 19, 2010

The coolest chef on the planet Gordon Ramsay returns to BFS entertainment with his The F Word DVD, with uncensored episodes on a four-disc set. It’s Series Four, and Chef Ramsay invites entire families to come in and cook for his restaurant, with guests voting yes or no on whether to pay for an appetizer, main entrée or dessert, according to their likes and dislikes.
The F Word format also includes the much-loved “Recipe Challenge,” where Ramsay takes on a celebrity cooking their favorite dish and “Teach Gordon Ramsay a Lesson,” which follows Gordon as he travels the world in search of the finest ingredients and takes on some of the toughest challenges in the food world. Plus, in “Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite,” Ramsay shows us how we can all prepare fantastic low-calorie meals for ourselves—delicious food that will not make us fat.
In one lesson during this series, Ramsay travels to Ft. Benning, GA., to help out with the excessive wild boar problem that the U.S. Army says is killing the forestry and surroundings around the fort. Ramsay works with an Army official, and they hunt a wild boar, trapping it in a cage. But that’s not all; Ramsay has to shoot the boar and he and the officer clean it, skin it, gut it and section it off into recognizable cuts of meat. Afterward Ramsay barbeques it up for the troop, who all just love it, along with the homemade cole slaw. When the soldiers arrive on jeep to join the picnic, Ramsay has Soulja Boy playing in the background.
I love to see Ramsay on the educational jaunts that he takes. He’s always committed to learning what’s set before him—he puts his arrogance in check, so that he can absorb that particular lesson.
He visited Italy to learn about the origins of Sardinian Italian maggot cheese made from sheep’s milk. It wasn’t the most appealing segment to watch, what with all the maggots crawling out of the cheese. But the local townspeople enjoy it immensely and look forward to the months that it takes to prepare.
In the kitchen, Ramsay had one family prepare smoked salmon mousse and glazed beef. Throughout the series and 12 episodes included in the serious, he shows the guest chefs how to prepare the dish and then watches them as they prepare enough for 50 dinner guests on their own.
He visited the former deputy prime minister of England Prescott who had suffered with bulimia. Ramsay taught him and his family how to make healthy fishcakes, as opposed to the normal greasy, fatty fish and chips. And for a bit more flavor, James Brown’s I Feel Good played in the background as Ramsay cooked.
The F Word Series Four continues the tradition with Ramsay saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of my f*****g kitchen!” The DVD is available April 20 on B.F.S. Entertainment. Visit for more information.

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