The Complete Eighth Season of Scrubs

| August 25, 2009

Turk, JD, Elliot, Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso and the gang are up to their old tricks, while dispensing a bit of medical advice on the celebrated sit-com Scrubs in this Complete Eighth Season DVD available Tuesday, August 25.
The 3-DVD set contains 19 episodes, as well as bloopers, deleted scenes, alternate lines, Scrubs Intern Webisodes, among other things.
In My Lawyers in Love, Ted thinks he finds the love of his life, as the Sacred Heart Hospital staff audition for peds wing entertainment. He meets a singer who wins his heart, but he can only talk to her when he’s with the rest of his group. Finally he musters up enough nerve to talk to the woman, and he proceeds to boast about how he now has a girlfriend when naysayers had counted out any romance in his life.
In My New Role, Dr. Cox has to learn how to balance his personal and professional lives, without relinquishing too much responsibility on to the head nurse Carla. He has a hard time of it, and his young son even plays a trick on him by calling him from his cell phone and telling his father that he forgot to pick him up at school and that he’s now wandering about lost. When Dr. Cox flies out of the hospital to go look for his son, the son is right at the entrance, enjoying a good laugh.
Courtney Cox also appears as Dr. Maddox in a few of the early episodes, playing the replacement as Chief of Medicine, much to the displeasure of all hospital staff. She fires the janitor and begins to kick people out of the hospital, once their insurance has run out or tries to prolong the stays of other patients with good insurance.
Scrubs is a breath of fresh air in the hospital genre, in that while it pokes funs of everyday medical situations, in the end the cast also adds a bit of homespun wisdom to the craziness of it all.
One episode titled My Last Words has veteran actor Glynn Turman playing a dying man named George Valentine who really has no family and has only one last wish—a nice cold beer. After watching a cold, obnoxious Dr. Mahoney show no compassion for a dying man, Turk and JD decide to forego their steak night, and they decide to sit with George, until he passes. While there, they listen as George laments that his life is all contained in the four-page will that he’s hired Ted to execute.
“Enjoy every surreal moment of Scrubs’ hilarious eighth season as television’s celebrated sitcom delivers much more loopy, creative humor that fans have come to know and love,” raves the Chicago Tribune.
The Complete Eighth Season Scrubs 3-DVD set packs more than 400 minutes of laughter that may “induce stomach cramps and continence,” while creating side effects that include “knee slapping, gut busting and rib tickling.”
Check out the crazy antics of Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes, John C. McGinley, Ken Jenkins and Neil Flynn any time you want with this great DVD, which is available now. Visit for more information.

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