Tanner Hall

| December 12, 2011

Tanner Hall is about the lives of a group of teenaged friends at a small all-girls boarding school in New England. Fernanda (Rooney Mara) is the main lead. She is dreading the fact that her childhood acquaintance, the spoiled, self righteous and manipulative, Victoria, is attending her school this term. It follows the trials and tribulations that affect all girls entering adulthood: shifting friendships, romance, sexuality, taking risks, trust, lies, independence, etc..
I really enjoyed this movie and cannot believe it didn’t get a proper release. It has a great cast, tight story, and was shot well. There is a nice blend of drama, sadness, humor, and love. The music and songs worked perfectly with the film. The characters are believable, the dialogue is real and the problems are authentic. Sure the boarding school concept has been done many times before but this was done well. There’s a great romantic story line woven in when Fernanda develops a relationship with Gio, a friend of her mother’s. They have great chemistry and really pull off this complicated relationship realistically. Overall, the story does a great job addressing everyone’s issues and wrapping them up smoothly throughout the film.

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