| April 2, 2006

There is only one reason why you should see Slither- to laugh your silly ass off. It would’ve been a lot better had this been the only mission the filmmakers set out to accomplish. Sadly though, there are more times than not where they actually try and turn this puppy into a serious horror flick. And it just ain’t happening.
However, Slither is the perfect movie to watch while drinking with your buddies.
Due to the poor box office success it received this weekend, I think its safe to say that this flick is best left to being rented from the video shelf. There’s nothing that particularly needs to be witnessed on the big screen. But for those of you that have still never heard of this movie or are curious as to what it’s about, here’s a quick overview. Some type of meteor from another planet (ala Men in Black) strikes the surface of Earth near a small Southern town. An egg hatches and some type of creature finds a human host (ala Men in Black). As soon as that happens, the man morphs into a hideous-looking creature and his wife is the first to take notice (ala Men in Black). But then, some downright nasty and fucked up shit starts to happen as little and big slugs alike hatch from the human hosts and crawl their way to any other humans they can get near. Once a human comes into contact with the slugs, they eventually turn into zombies later. And then the zombies… well who cares??? This movie was downright fun but it wasn’t because of plot.
The actors steal the show here, and my what a unique cast it is. I must first address my fellow Firefly/Serenity fans in saying that Nathan Fillion officially rocks! I’ve been waiting to see what he could do outside the realm of Firefly, but this movie would honestly be nothing without him and you rarely care what’s going on when he’s not on screen. With that said, this film took a while to get off the ground. The first half- hour focuses on Michael Rooker (the original human host) and his wife dealing with his newfound condition. Not only were most of these scenes sick, they were also boring, unfunny and lifeless. But as soon as all the main characters group up for the rest of the flick, good times and many laughs are had thanks to Fillion and others.
Another man that deserves many props is actor Gregg Henry as the dim-witted mayor. You probably won’t remember Henry by name but if you look up his picture you’ll go “oh, that guy!” as he has been in just about everything imaginable over the past twenty years. But again, unless this guy and Fillion are on screen, the movie is incredibly dull. Without comedy, this B-movie suffers bad. And, as many horror flicks like this go, the filmmakers (in this case James Gunn) spend far too much time developing pointless plot instead of giving us continuous laughs. If more humor was injected into the first thirty minutes then I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more, but alas, no movie is perfect. Now, for those of you that have a weak stomach then stay far away. There is nothing pretty about this flick. It’s filled with tons of slime, ooze, bugs, and lots and lots of slugs. Think of it as Eight Legged Freaks on steroids. And also, for those of you looking for cool kills or some kickass gore as all horror fans do… look somewhere else.
But, if you’re a B-horror comedy fan and dig stuff like Evil Dead or the Child’s Play series, you’re pretty much legally bound to add Slither to your video collection. Too bad we’ll forget all about this when Snakes on a Plane comes out. Go Fillion go!

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