She’s Not Our Sister

| May 14, 2012

One Village Entertainment, a division of Image Entertainment, released the 90 minute musical stage production, She’s Not Our Sister, on DVD.  Directed by Snoop Robinson and written by Johnnie Johnson, She’s Not Our Sister has a recognizable cast that includes Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show), Drew Sidora (The Game), Azur-De Johnson (Somebody Help Me 2), Christian Keyes (Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail), Clifton Powell (Ray), Tony Grant (Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?), and Jazsmin Lewis (Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns).  She’s Not Our Sister was later adapted into the GMC TV (Gospel Music Channel) series, She’s Still Not Our Sister.

The story is about three sisters who are informed at the reading of their deceased father’s will very surprising revelations. First, the good news is that their father leaves a million dollar fortune.  How could this be when their father struggled financially? The will explains that the father properly invested the proceeds of an insurance policy resulting from their mother’s death.  The news of becoming millionaires gradually goes downhill when they learn of a fourth heir to the estate.  Their father apologizes in the will about an affair he had when married to their mother, and a child resulting from that affair.  Third, their father conditions receipt of the inheritance on all four sisters living in the same home for six months to bond and become a closer family. Finally, if the sisters don’t comply, the entire fortune goes to the local SPCA. It’s an all or nothing provision. Predictably, the sisters are stunned and shocked.  The oldest sister (Kellita Smith) is stubbornly bitter about her father’s betrayal of their mother especially when she learns the “new” (Jazsmin Lewis) is only months apart from her as to birth date and is biracial. The younger sister (Azur De Johnson) was least resistant to the “new” sister, if not welcoming. The middle sister (Drew Sidora) appeared indifferent because her only concern was complying to the will conditions in order to become a millionaire. The story continues as each sister grieves differently and interacts with their “new” sister in the house.

In the end, all of the sisters come to terms with their family dysfunction and they don’t have to wait the entire six months to get the inheritance.  A few drawbacks for this production were that for each comedic punch line, there is a distracting and dated laugh tract, there was uneven transitioning from one scene to another, and the singing seems haphazard, not blending properly with the dialogue between characters.  The positive about the production is that the cast made an otherwise trite tale become spirited and colorful.

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