She Wants Me

| October 6, 2012

Ah, the beautiful people of Hollywood. The fast paced lifestyles, star studded conversations, and celebrity nose rubbing opportunities are endless, but it takes some work to get to that point. She Wants Me is a twisty rom com full of surprises, unfortunately they’re the surprises that you’d expect in every basic rom com.

There’s really nothing special about this film. An aspiring filmmaker named Sam, and his almost-too-perfect girlfriend, an aspiring actress named Sammy, seem to be growing apart. The couple is deeply involved in that glamorous lifestyle, but they live on the not-so-glamorous end of the spectrum. Their corresponding names and careers are cute, but the pressure that comes with those careers combined with past and potential future relationships are turning their feelings for one another into a ticking time bomb. Exes, beautiful movie stars, deception, and the twists and turns in Sam and Sammy’s always unpredictable job field do a pretty good job of trying to ruin them.
The script tries to be raunchy, but the raunchiness comes off as a desperate attempt to strengthen the already weak sense of humor. The talented but oddball cast includes Debra Jo Rupp, Charlie Sheen (who is also an executive producer), Hillary Duff, and Wayne Knight. You want to like this movie, but in the end it really comes off as forgettable and unoriginal. The heavy narration in this film is a little cheesy, but doable. She Wants Me boasts budding story lines, but perhaps way too many, and as a result, quite a few of them end up falling flat, getting resolved too easily, or disappearing altogether. It also seems that this film has too many characters. The personalities start to clash and blend and the famous saying “less is more” keeps coming to mind. Perhaps their purpose was to inject some personality to the flat, twisty plot?
She Wants Me does have a  pretty satisfying ending that alleviates the pain the movie might bring viewers, but don’t let it fool you into thinking this run-of-the-mill rom com was worth your time.

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