Santa Buddies

| November 27, 2009

You have to like dogs to enjoy Santa Buddies or any of the other line of Bud/Buddies movies. They started with Air Bud about the basketball-playing golden retriever, moved on to Air Bud: Golden Receiver about the football-playing dog, went through all other imaginable sports, then moved on to the Buddies movies starting with Air Buddies about golden retriever puppies from the same litter that play all the sports.
In Santa Buddies, a beautiful white fluffy dog, Santa Paws, a Great Pyrenees, is the pet of Santa Claus. Santa Paws’ puppy is Puppy Paws. Just before Christmas, he decides he’s bored with life there at the North Pole. He wants to find out how real puppies play and have fun. At the same time, Christmas is experiencing some difficulties. The magic in the Ice Crystal is beginning to melt, because kids and their puppies are beginning to not believe in Christmas. If it melts completely, Christmas will cease to exist.
Puppy Paws sees Budderball’s name on Santa’s naughty list and decides that’s a puppy that knows how to have a good time, and leaves the North Pole to find him and his brothers and sister, stowing away in a mail truck that is run by one of the elves. Puppy Paws meets up with Budderball and the others, but even they find him to be too much trouble for them.
The North Pole goes dark and starts to melt as the Ice Crystal melts quicker than anyone imagined. Even the reindeer get sick and won’t be able to fly Santa’s sleigh. They need the spirit of Christmas to be revived. A dog catcher seems to be one of those that’s killing the Christmas spirit. He’s a lonely, angry man who has it in for all dogs and those believing in the holiday and doesn’t care about the kids and puppies that surely need to be united.
The storylines all mesh together to form a story about saving the spirit of Christmas. It was a little confusing at first, looking at the residents of the North Pole. We had Santa and the normal elves, along with Santa Paws, Puppy Paws, and a whole bunch of other dogs. Santa Paws wasn’t supposed to be Santa, as there was one, and the dogs weren’t supposed to be the elves, as they had those too. It just seemed that there were a lot of dogs at the North Pole that were somehow connected, and they all talked, just as the Buddies talked. Santa and the elves find this normal, but the townspeople where the buddies live don’t know the dogs can talk.
It’s the fantasy that you have to believe in, just as you have to believe in the spirit of Christmas. And something about all of that does work together. Having adorable Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees puppies works right along with that. There’s also a little terrier dressed as an elf, including a little hat, vest, and shoes that almost steals the show away from the others. I’m just glad Puppy Paws didn’t come to find my dogs, as I’m pretty sure they’ve made the Naughty List a time or two themselves.

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