Rock School

| June 13, 2005

Who ever thought that kids could be so cool? Before seeing Rock School, I never would have thought it possible for kids to be playing Black Sabbath and Frank Zappa music, well. This documentary about the Philadelphia based school of rock music is definitely like no other.
The film Rock School follows the life of the Paul Green School of Rock Music as well as its eccentric teacher, Paul Green. While the school has more than eighty students, the film follows a young girl with a Joni Mitchell like sound, a wannabe rock legend who possesses more talent than most of today’s artists, a Napoleon Dynamite like character with suicidal tendencies, a pair of twins with little talent and a lot of rock star drive, as well as Paul Green. The main objective of the school is to give the kids a secure place that they can rely on while teaching them to be awesome musicians.
The majority of the film expresses a day in the life of quality that allows the audience to become familiar with the characters. The main character is Paul Green whose provocative behavior and language both inspires and scares the kids. He claims in an interview that he realized he did not want to be a rock star in today’s society but one in the 1970’s. Since he could not have that dream, he decided he would be the best music teacher that he could be. Even though he goes about things in a non-conventional manner, his good wishes and intentions are clear. Paul screams and yells at the students to pretend he is upset just to make them work harder and practice more. He inspires the children to be great and accepts no less.
While this film is both entertaining and inspiring, it lacks in one of the main qualities a film has to offer, story. The slight narrative of the school being invited to perform in Germany at the annual Zappanale Festival is hardly enough to carry the whole film. When Paul is sued by Will O’Connor’s mother for his verbalization and comedic attitude about her son’s attempted suicides, which is illustrated in a news article, one of the main issues of the film is dropped with little explanation by Will. The subject is dropped without so much as a word from Paul.
The film, Rock School definitely has its flaws but proves itself with its subject content. The children at the school are amazing to watch while exemplifying what can become of hard work and a lot of practice.

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