Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men

| March 20, 2012

Moms and kids alike get excited when news of a new VeggieTales episode comes around. Unfortunately, in <em>Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry-Men</em>, that joy might soon be turned to disappointment.

VeggieTales has been going strong for twenty years, but no successful series is void of a few misses. <em>Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry-Men</em> has a few of the quirks and jokes that has kept the series running for so long, but it is severely lacking the universal hilarity and usual veggie goodness that has made people fall in love with the series over the last two decades.

Larry, Bob, Mr. Nezzar, and the rest of the crew star in this original interpretation of “Robin Hood”. Larry leads as Robin Good, the cucumber who fundraises from the rich and gives to the poor. His method is heartfelt, but not always effective, and his friends become disenchanted with his mission after a few unsuccessful fundraisers.  They decide to abandon the fundraising “business” and rob from the rich to give to the poor, justifying themselves by saying that what they’re doing is for a good cause.

The Prince of Bethlingham is keeping all of the ham in town for himself, leaving the citizens hungry. There are also evil giants in Sherwood Forest.  Occasionally they make their way to Bethlingham, much to the dismay of the townspeople, destroying everything in sight in their infamous fits of rage. Robin Good must decide whether he should join his former Not-So-Merry Men in their less-than-heroic new mission, or try to save Bethlingham on his own. The show features a new short entitled Lenny & The Lost Birthday, as well as the new VeggieTales silly song by Boys In The Sink, “Bubble Rap”.

During this latest veggie escapade, something went wrong. Maybe the makers were in a creative stump. Maybe they tried too hard to be funny. Maybe they did the project in a hurry. Whatever the case, <em>Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men</em> is not very good or merry.

The episode is completely random, and not in a humorous way. It’s slightly predictable and the humor is dull. Kids might giggle at the silly puns and ham-throwing, but it’s unfortunate that such a potentially-epic tale ended up being so disappointing. At least the costumes were hilarious (hairpieces and all). The episode has its classic moments that showcase what VeggieTales fans so love about the series, but most of the time, it’s downright silly.

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