Red Riding Hood

| February 8, 2005

Red Riding Hood is a new straight to video horror film being released by our good friends at MTI Home Video. The story goes something like this. Twelve-year-old Jenny McKenzie is abandoned by her mother while living in Rome so she takes up residence. She’s a messed-up kid who’s had a tragic childhood. Her only friend is a dog, which appears to her in the form of an eight foot tall hooded man wearing a wolf mask named George. Left with resources to survive Jenny and her sidekick George take new purpose to her life by playing vigilante on the streets at night. Yes, that’s what I said a twelve year old girl and her talking best friend who just happens to be a giant dog mask freak. No one is safe. And you guessed it, another bad horror film with no nudity. It’s hard to have nudity when the lead is a twelve-year old girl. Not good times.
Set against the backdrop of Rome gives this film nice scenery. Too bad the scenery didn’t help the photography. The acting is pretty rough around the edges and pretty much gets worse from there. Some quality kills and nice FX for the most part but then there’s a few FX that just look rushed and amateurish including the first stunt of the entire film where a man gets shot in the head and actually covers his wound with his hand and makes an “Oh, they got me,” face. Jump cut to the guy lying bloody on the ground. Not very good. Not very good at all.
So here’s what we’ve learned so far…in this movie little Red Riding Hood is a little red pain in the ass. She’s not very nice to her flake of a grandmother but then again she’s a traumatized abandoned twelve year old. And how does she pay bills? I’m twenty-six and I have a hard enough time paying bills. I live on south side of Chicago, she’s in Rome; it’s not like playing vigilante is cheap. And didn’t this story used to take place in a forest?

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