Red Blood

| February 11, 2004

Red Blood formerly titled The Homecoming of Jimmy Whitecloud is the new direct to video release from MTI Home Video. Red Blood features David Midthunder as Jimmy Whitecloud, whose real name is much cooler than his character’s name. Joining David are Victoria Regina as Sally Meets the Moon and Lee Whitestar as John Spotted Bear. Lee’s real name is also cooler than his character’s name. The cast is rounded up by a whole list of stereotypical goodfella’s that couldn’t make the cut as back ground gangsters in the Soprano’s.
The story goes like this…A simple “hit” goes wrong when the Mob meets an unlikely opponent-Native American comedian, Jimmy White Cloud. Yes that’s right the Mob vs a Comedian. The fast-rising comic becomes the unwitting recipient of Ray “The Tuna” Grazziano’s most cherished and potentially incriminating possession, “the book of numbers”. An awkward-paced chase follows from the streets of New York to Jimmy’s native reservation in Arizona. At the reservation, Jimmy not only finds love where he least expects, but he reunites with his Shaman grandfather and rediscovers his heritage, as they join forces to defend themselves and their people from the big-city hit squad. Jimmy also reunites with his drunk of a father and demonstrates to the mob guys that the Indians are not about to be pushed around on the little bit of land the white man hasn’t yet taken from them. Oh and Jimmy also finds time to dump is blond hair-blue eyed city girlfriend. Yep, this Jimmy is a true player and the ladies love him.
Red Blood has an overall consistency in the photography that reminds me of a late 80’s Karate Kid sequel. Nothing is too stylized and the film is presented very straight forward in look and mood. Red Blood does have some of the better production values that I’ve seen coming out of MTI Home Video but what really kills this film is the very stereotypical use of mobsters, combined with poor acting and a boring storyline about characters that you really don’t care too much about. David Midthunder’s acting has all the passion of a Kevin Costner performance, just with better hair. Basically, it completely feels like acting every time he’s on screen and he’s the lead so we see a lot of him. The other problem with this film is Jimmy Whitecloud is supposed to be a comedian and there is not one, I’m talking not one funny thing his character ever says. Not a single comedic moment to share with the audience. This film does address the concerns of Native Americans, their role in modern society and how they maintain traditions in a world that doesn’t except it.
So here’s what we’ve learned so far…all mobsters are Italian. They must be, because nobody can seem to think of any other kind of mobster. Every Italian mob has a fat guy. It’s like prerequisite to be an official organized crime unit you have to have a fat guy. All American Indians have shotguns and if you are an American Indian don’t go into comedy, at least if you’re Jimmy Whitecloud.

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