| August 17, 2006

Remember the start of the Botox craze in Hollywood, everyone seemed to be shooting themselves up. And now there is the baby craze, babies have become the new Botox. Not to far down the line however is the “lets remake a Japanese horror film but leave everything that out that made the original good” craze. Pulse really doesn’t do anything worthy of it being remade in the first place. It joins the endless amount of remakes that plague Hollywood.
This plot involves ghosts yet again. A bunch of college kids are bummed out because one of their friends committed suicide. Maddie Webber (Kristin Bell) is devastated since the dude was her boyfriend. The friends then receive instant messages from his computer. Maddie thinks it’s a computer virus, but wants to be sure. She sends her friend over to check it out, but he discovers the computer hasn’t been plugged in for days. He then starts acting weird and slowly they all start seeing weird shit. The main idea here is interesting. We live in a society where there are so many forms of communication that don’t involve human interaction, that many people mainly depend on cell phones, computers, or PDA’s. But the interest dies quickly at the result of very poor execution and a story filled with cliché after cliché.
So this kid dies and his parents don’t come over and take any of his belongings. The police also don’t care or notice that his computer is missing. That sounds realistic. These kids also started receiving instant messages from his computer which is sold to some strange dude played by Ian Somerhalder. Who the hell sold the computer to him, his parents? The madness continues as they find that taping up doors and windows prevents their visions. It gets even lamer than this. They discover that the weird dark ghost people travel through electronic equipment like cell phones, computers, etc. There is NO explanation to how they received this information, but we are forced to accept it. Then there is the insane dude who accidentally started it all, a cliché of many horror films. My favorite scene has to be where Maddie is in the car sleeping after a hectic car chase, because that is what people do, they take naps after a car chase. She wakes up and hears a bulletin on the radio about not using cell phones, so what does she do? She opens up her cell phone.
The cast is mainly filled with unknowns. Ian Somerhalder does a decent job. Kristen Bell is the poor-man’s Sarah Michelle Gellar of horror, which isn’t saying much. The CGI is actually good considering the miniscule budget.
This film is really a waste of time. It has terrible pacing, relies on cheap scares, and joins the ranks of other failed re-made Japanese horror flicks. Wes Craven should be ashamed of himself for co-writing this piece of shit.
Grade: ½ star out of 5 stars.

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