Pixar Short Films Collection 2

| November 13, 2012

This collection of Pixar short films contains twelve films, some with original characters and others with characters from some of Pixar’s other films such as Cars, Up, Toy Story, and Ratatouille. This collection can offer a film for everyone in your family. Whether a young child who really likes to watch Buzz or Lightning McQueen to someone who wants to watch something a little more on the artistic side. There is a film for all.

By far, the best films in Pixar Short Film Collection 2 are the original ones. There are three films that were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Film; Presto (2008), Night and Day (2010), and La Luna (2011). These three films, along with the other original Partly Cloudy, make up the best watching on the set. It really demonstrates what can be done with an animated short. There is so much embedded in these films despite their short running times. Presto is a funny story of a magician and his very hungry rabbit. The magician quickly finds out that you shouldn’t keep your rabbit hungry! Night and Day is a visual feast of what happens if night and day were to meet. La Luna is the story of a family who is teaching a young boy the family business, it is beautiful in so many different ways. Partly Cloudy is a cute story of a cloud who makes baby animals of the not so nice kind and his stork friend.

This is not to sell short the films that pertain to already existing characters, they have their merit also. It just feels as if it was padded out with short films that play to the already successful characters instead of collecting films that can stand on their own. But like I said, they are not without merit of their own. They contain plenty of silly moments that will make you laugh and getting to see some of your favorite characters is always fun. There are two films from Cars: Air Mater and Time Traveling Mater. No surprise here that the two stories revolve around the character of Mater. Two from the Toy Story movies: Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry. Up manages to get two as well, Dug’s special mission and George and A.J, one taking place prior to where we meet Dug in the movie and the other is what was happening after with the senior home workers after they first witnessed the house fly away. There is one story for each Wall E and Ratatouille: Burn E and Your Friend the Rat respectively.

The blu-ray/DVD combo pack includes quite a few special features. There is commentary on every short film in this collection. You can watch each of the films as is or with the commentary. Also included on the special features are the student films of the directors; John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Pete Doctor. These films run the gambit of what was available for students to work with over the years. There are definite signs of what was to come with their Pixar films later in these films. These films also include commentary.

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