Ocean’s 13

| June 11, 2007

I swear, these Ocean‘s movies never get old. Even if the gang is all out of fresh ideas, it’s the chemistry of the cast, the fun atmosphere and cool tone that make these flicks worthwhile. While Ocean’s Thirteen is no Ocean’s Eleven, it’s a hell of a lot better than Ocean’s Twelve.
Al Pacino hurts Rueben and that pisses off the Ocean gang to a royal degree. They call upon help from old friends (Eddie Izzard, Linus’ parents) and enemies (Andy Garcia) to bring this fucker down. And, thankfully, the women stayed home for this go-around. There are no more stupid Julia Roberts jokes or lame Zeta-Jones romance plotlines. The movie was a unique take on the boys creating an old-fashioned revenge job that doesn’t necessarily involve stealing anything (at least not for personal gain). They even confront Pacino in the beginning to give him a chance to turn his attitude around. Thankfully, he doesn’t comply, and thus the scheming begins.
The first half of the movie showed signs of Ocean’s Twelve. Some of the planning and what was supposed to go down is a bit confusing, as they never fully explain what these guys are up to until it actually goes down. But, unlike Ocean’s Twelve, they do eventually explain it to the audience and show everything as it happens, instead of rearranging the order of the timeline. But what really continues to make these flicks enjoyable, more than anything, is the humor. A few scenes in the movie were the funniest of the series, such as Pitt and Clooney tearing up at an episode of Oprah, and Scott Caan and Casey Affleck getting caught up in a workforce strike down in Mexico.
It even has a few twists toward the end that are reminiscent of the first movie. And, unlike the last installment, all the key players are around for the full ride instead of just a small handful. Even that annoying Chinese dude has something important to do besides stand in the background. Ellen Barkin is a hot old broad and did a good job at holding her own as the only female in the cast. And, again in contrast with the second movie, each actor has at least a scene or two to really shine. Loved the scene between Don Cheadle and Al Pacino. I also thought I’d never see the day where Pacino shares the screen with Bernie Mac, though crazier things have happened.
You’ll get exactly what you paid for with Ocean’s Thirteen, no more, no less. Take that with what you will. There’s no rush to see this movie on the big screen, but I could think of far worse movies to see than this right now (coughs: Pirates 3!).

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