Nurse 3-D

| April 9, 2014

From the very moment that the teaser posters were revealed for Douglas Aarniokoski’s Nurse 3-D, it should have been known that the film was to be something special. Due to its risque appeal and in your face attitude, the marketing campaign knew what they had in their hands and made it a point to begin to entice horror fans in the right way. A year later, the film has landed on home video and its everything that one could have hoped for and then some. Actress Paz de la Huerta (Enter the Void) stars as the titular character (pun completely intended), Abby Russell, who by day, works as a head nurse at the All Saints Memorial Hospital, but by night, acts as a seductress, that kills promiscuous men, with surgical instruments and her medical knowledge. She begins to share some friendly affection towards Danni (Katrina Bowden), a young nurse, whose just begun her training at All Saints. Abby gets very close to Danni, but between them lies Danni’s boyfriend, Steve (Corbin Bleu), who finds Abby’s behavior very strange. After a bad encounter with Abby, Danni begins to do some investigating, where she learns of her nightlife activities and tries to stop her reign of terror.

Full of good tongue in cheek humor, an excessive amount of gore and some clever ways of using 3-D, make Nurse 3-D a really fun time. The tone of the film, right from the very first death scene in the movie, makes one realize that if both dark humor and gore aren’t for you, then just shut it off and don’t look back. If it is your thing, you’ll find yourself treated to a mesmerizing performance by de la Huerta, who turns the character into a bonafide horror icon. From her childhood origin, to the clever ways she seduces and murders her victims, the character of Abby Russell has the potential to become the latest horror character, that would be perfectly suited to watch, over and over again. The supporting cast is excellent, with nice brief cameo’s from Judd Nelson, Martin Donovan and Niecy Nash.

The use of 3-D in the film, is used in a way that every horror movie should utilize the technique, by being as in your face and ridiculous as possible. One of the best parts in the film, when Abby traps a man in a car, in order for a semi truck to hit him, flies right out of the vehicle and right out of the screen. It this sort of over the top aspect of the film, that has lent the use of 3-D in an appropriate way, that is both fun and enhances the viewing experience. Not only is the 3-D well executed, but the script is very solid as well. While it may at times be by the numbers, it presents enough traditional technique, but infuses it with a trashy style, that makes for a captivating story.

Nurse 3-D isn’t trying to be an Oscar contender, its trying to be a fun movie going experience, where it succeeds extremely well. If you’re a horror fanatic and love seeing ridiculous amounts of blood on screen, then you owe it to yourself to check out Nurse 3-D. Highly Recommended! 

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