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| May 21, 2011

Now & Later is a sexually graphic movie about a sexually charged Latina who harbors a white Los Angeles businessman who has jumped bail and is on his way to Central America, because he can’t stand the thought of doing eight years in jail for a white collar crime.
The guy who was once his driver when he was a big shot banker is now his only salvation to cross the border and leave the country. But first he has to hole up with Angela, who is strange to him at first, but who doesn’t stay strange for too long.
She teaches Bill, played by James Wortham, a lot about life; things he didn’t even know that he didn’t know; if that makes sense. She tells him her hard luck story; how she volunteers at a restaurant and also at a hospital. Angela, played by Shari Solanis, dislikes the capitalistic America, but says she can’t go back home to Nicaragua.
Bill has a wife and family in Los Angeles, but once he gets a whiff of Angela, he gladly tells his wife that he won’t do jail and will take refuge in Central America. Angela isn’t living large, she has a bed on the floor and her apartment opens into the rooftop, but it’s heaven for Bill. She’s a free spirit and Bill is a stuffed shirt, but he falls in love with Angela, even risking following her to her job one day.
And while Bill may have been the golden boy of the banking industry, he is really naïve in matters of sex and intimacy. Eventually, he’s slowly stripped of his inhibitions, even entertaining a three-some with Angela and an old boyfriend who just happens to come to town for a brief visit. He catches himself, however, before he really goes too far by his standards.
Through Angela, Bill is forced to examine his mindset and his old way of life. He comes to terms with the excesses that he left behind and learns quite a bit about global policies from Angela, who tagged along in Nicaragua, as her mother cleaned the library at night. She reminds him that he was always chasing money and what great accomplishment would come next. She lives in the “now” and finds pleasure wherever and whenever she can—and usually through sex. Eventually it’s time for Bill to cross the border, but he does so—not thinking of his wife—but of his great times with Angela.
Now & Later marks Philippe Diaz’ directorial debut in this feature-length fiction, as he explores the themes of liberation—political, social and sexual. Cinema Libre Studio presents Now & Later on DVD on May 31. Visit

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