National Treasure: Book of Secrets

| January 8, 2008

National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the sequel to Jerry Bruckheimer’s 2004 box office hit National Treasure. The story picks up sometime after the first movie. Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) is presenting new information on the Abraham Lincoln assassination based on John Wilkes Booth’s diary handed down from his great grandfather, Thomas Gates. Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris) interrupts his presentation and reveals a missing page of the diary that contains the names of the conspirators involved in the assassination. Among the names listed is Ben Gates great grandfather Thomas Gates. Ben is outraged and determined to clear his family name. During their investigation, they discover the missing page contains clues to the ultimate treasure, “The Lost City of Gold.” Once again, our humorous and lovable characters Ben, Abigail, and Riley embark on a treasure hung around the world.
Their hunt stops when they discover that the remaining clue to find the Lost City lies inside the book of secrets that is in the possession of the current president of the United States. Faced with the possibility of a seemingly impossible task, and an extremely long prison sentence our characters decide to kidnap the president to find the whereabouts of the book. Ben, Abigail, and Riley pull of their clever plan only to face another obstacle. Mitch Wilkinson has been monitoring their every move and has ransomed Ben’s mother in exchange for the Lost City of Gold. Ben reluctantly leads Mitch to the lost city of gold. The lost city is filled with booby traps, and obstacles for the characters. Eventually they find the lost city but they must evacuate because the underground structure is flooding and extremely unstable. In the end, Ben is able to clear his family, get the girl and live happily ever after.
Out of a ten point rating scale, I give the movie a nine. The script was well-written and contained great elements of humor and action. The writers and directors stayed consistent with the first movie and kept many of the original characters that the audience grew to love. The movie was paced very nicely and was able to keep the audience drawn into the film. Although I rated the movie a nine, it still lacked to have complex puzzles that Ben faced in the first movie. I was also looking to see or hear just as much history as in the first film. In addition, some of the situations in the film were unbelievable and that took away from the viewer’s enjoyment. Kidnapping the president was risky, dangerous, and in reality, Ben would not have been able to find the Lost City if he was on the governments most wanted list.
Despite a few of the films flaws, the movie is enjoyable and entertaining. If you haven’t seen it yet and you are a fan of the first film, this is a definite MUST SEE. I wonder if there will be a third National Treasure film.

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