Missed Connections

| May 10, 2013

The internet has made it a lot easier to generate relationships. On top of dating sites, there are social networking sites, apps, and one of the easiest technologies to utilize: local “missed connections” sites. These sites, which allow people living in a certain area to find the charming strangers-in-passing that they were infatuated with for only a few moments, consist of descriptive sentences describing the fleeting encounter, and are the center of Missed Connections.

The film opens on people buzzing about in a metropolitan area. The scene, which is captured in slow motion, portrays the essence of a missed connection; there are countless opportunities for an encounter, but no conversation occurs. The combination of the serious atmosphere of a business firm paired with the hip-hop music in the opening scene is a fun contrast that assists in setting the tone for this film. Missed Connections is, if nothing else, very current.

Josh, Pradeep, and Jules are IT workers and presumably college buddies who never really grew up. Their shared office is littered with funny posters, video games, and even a novelty basketball hoop, but the guys still find themselves bored throughout the course of the day. That boredom dies when Josh discovers that the girl he is secretly crushing on, Lucy, is into an increasingly popular missed connections site. He sees her new hobby as a way to connect to her, and his friends give their advice along the way, making for an interesting adventure.

The characters are nothing special. Perhaps they are cliché, perhaps they are just short of it, but the typical rom-com banter that might be considered clever if not so overused makes it hard to tell. Some of the humor is kind of stale and almost boring. There are a few humorous moments, but overall, the humorous aspects of the film fall short. A few classic internet mistakes and misunderstandings are tossed in the mix, leading to laughter at times and tears at others. Though there are a few unpredictable moments, the film remains pretty basic.

The romantic aspect of Missed Connections manages to turn out okay, even though it starts out with the ultimate cliché. A woman drops a box coming out of a revolving door, and a handsome Brit who happens to walk by just in time helps her up and charms her, doing everything the woman had described to her friend when describing her dream guy. Coincidences like this one don’t work well in films; the predictability of them makes them nothing more than a frustration.

Despite its clichés, at the core, Missed Connections is really a fun movie. It boasts an interesting soundtrack and tells the kind of love story that people are used to hearing. There’s a reason for these kinds of movies still being around, and that is because they are downright entertaining. A cliché only exists because at one point, it worked like a charm. In Missed Connections, it is possible to look past these few silly coincidences because of its few original moments.

Missed Connections is currently available on VOD from FilmBuff here: http://bit.ly/17JRGr6

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