Meet Monica Velour

| August 15, 2011

A socially and emotionally immature adolescent goes on a road trip and gets a chance to have an encounter with an adult film star he has long lusted after. Meet Monica Velour is an offbeat bittersweet tale of young Tobe (Dustin Ingram looking like the winner of a Napoleon Dynamite lookalike contest)) who gets the opportunity to have a close encounter with the woman (Kim Cattrall) who has been the object of many a man’s fantasy, both young and old, and discovers the real thing is nothing at all like the reel thing.
Tobe’s room is a shrine to the titular star. His room is decorated with posters of her blue movie career, which his grandfather (Brian Dennehy) apparently has little problem with, which might make some wonder why the heck the authorities haven’t been contacted to remove Tobe from his custody. Grandpa offers him the weinermobile–not too overt a concept here, now or is it?–for the boy to make some money, though he finds another way to do so when he puts the van online and a customer (Keith David) offers to buy the vehicle.
Tobe then drives it out and along the way, he visits a seedy venue where Velour is appearing to arouse some libidos merely to pay her rent. His quest winds up seeming pseudo-Quixotic but it is somewhat uncomfortable for the washed-up porn star now entertaining the thought of getting back in the business, despite the fact that doing so may jeopardize her hopes of getting custody of her daughter from her absolute louse of an estranged husband.
This effort from writer/ director Keith Bearden shows Cattrall in a fashion quite unlike what many have seen of her as maneater Samantha Jones on Sex and the City. Here she is a gone-to-seed woman whose body is now less than impressive than the body of work in her porn star past.

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