Lucky Number Slevin

| May 4, 2006

You have seen the trailers. They were everywhere. The one question that has plagued everyone is “Is it Lucky Number Seven, or Slevin?” Well ladies and germs it is “Slevin”. This is the first name of the main character, and of a race horse shown in a flash back in the film. It is not a typo.
I went into this film with a few different opinions already in my head. One of my opinions is that I don’t like Josh Hartnett. I never have. I have always thought that his acting was very wooden and bland, and he was in films for his looks more than his acting chops. I am here to say that this is Josh Hartnett’s only good role. He is very good in this film as “Slevin”, a young punk in a case of mistaken identity. This mishap lands him in between a mob war between two bosses that live across the street from each other in New York. His carefree attitude toward the whole ordeal is very amusing and also confusing. The tenant who lives across the hall is an energetic coroner played by Lucy Liu (Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels 1, 2). This is probably my favorite role of hers as well. I like her, but I was getting sick of her playing the “tough bitch” role. She was always yelling. I was never really attracted to her either, but in this film her characters smile and spunky behavior really won me over.
A couple of my colleagues said that the dialogue in this film was contrived at parts but overall was interesting and original. I will agree that at times it does seem contrived, but at other times I enjoyed it quite profusely. The trailers set this up to be a comedy when really it is a dramatic/thriller. It does have its funny parts, but it isn’t a full blown comedic gangster film. I am not going to lie, half way through the film I was a little confused. I felt like pastry in a circle of fat kids. I was being pulled one way, than another, never really knowing where I was. But alas, the ending explains everything perfectly, and it made me feel better about the film. I was worried it was going to keep going downhill, but it picked up in the last act.
I won’t keep you long because there are too many plot points and too many chances for an accidental spoiler, and that I don’t want to ruin the film. Let me just say, that if you weren’t sure about seeing this film, see it for the cast alone…Bruce Willis, Sir Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Stanley Tucci, Lucy Liu…and that Hartnett kid. The performances in this film are wonderful especially Liu and Kingsley. I was giggling like a girl at an NSYNC concert when Sir Ben would be in a monologue of some sort. One of my favorite actors of all time Morgan Freeman plays the part of “The Boss” with Ice Cold Coolness. And finally, Mr. GoodKat the worlds best Assassin played by Bruce Willis. I love this guy. I don’t care what you say about him, but nobody can play some of these roles like him. Lately he has been on a roll in my eyes minus a few stinkers, but I enjoyed “16 Blocks” and “Sin City” and his performance is equally as good in this. So put your money on this horse, because it might be number 5 throughout the race, but when the camera flashes at the end, it somehow pulls an upset.

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