| January 3, 2004

Ever have one of those lifetimes where nothing seems to go right? Failing cartoon writer Millard Mudd seems to have sunk deep into one. He lives a hermit-like existence and exists on a strict alcohol diet. Isolated and alone, Mudd’s world has collapsed. Then, one special day, everything changes when a dog named Lucky enters his life. Unfortunately, Lucky, who has the unusual ability to talk, was a hit-and-run victim of Mudd’s during one of his frequent liquor runs. What makes Lucky invaluable to Mudd is his ability to teach him how to write again. But what makes Lucky dangerous is his ability to get inside Mudd’s head and bring out his darkest side.
Or is it that Mudd is imagining all of this? He does seem to have numerous psychotic episodes, and cannot often distinguish reality from fantasy, or even nightmare. And he does have some pretty kinky, and gruesome, fantasies.
What makes Lucky so much fun to watch are Mudd’s insane little rambling monologues. For an alky who seems to be burning brain cells faster than The Home Shopping Network can spit out Beanie Babies, Mudd gets pretty esoteric in his little diatribes. And it is this cynicism that is the film’s saving grace. Filled with stage actors you probably won’t recognize, the charm to this film is that everyone seemed to have a good time making it. Lucky is a fun little exercise in insanity; a tale told of a serial killer from inside his rotten, twisted little mind.
Winner of the Best Feature award at the New York City Horror Film Festival, MicroCineFest, and A.K.A. Shriekfest, Lucky stars Michael Emanuel (Gone But Not Forgotten, Malcolm in the Middle, The 60’s), Piper Cochrane (First Daughter, Perfect Fit, Bar Hopping), and David Reivers (Charmed, Malcolm X). Lucky was written by Stephen Sustarsic (The Wild Thornberrys, Dilbert) and directed by first-time director Steve Cuden (co-creator of the smash Broadway hit “Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical”). The film was produced by James Ferguson (Hate) and is being distributed by MTI Home Video in January 2004. Look for it on the local video rack or purchase from their site.

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