Love The Beast (2009)

| April 15, 2010

If you love cars, racing and Eric Bana, you should definitely check out the DVD Love the Beast. Eric Bana directs a very touching documentary about his love for his car, a Ford GT Falcon Coupe, and the emotional ties associated with it. Essentially, it’s a love story.
The documentary allows fans and car-lovers alike to really get to know Bana. When someone shares their love and passion with you, it’s not hard to feel a connection with them. That is exactly what Eric Bana achieves with his film. You forget that he’s a big Hollywood actor and he becomes your neighbor down the street that can’t get enough of his cars.
Even if you know nothing about cars, you will get something out of Love the Beast. You’ll learn what happens during the Targa Tasmania Rally. You’ll get to know Eric Bana on a deeper level. You’ll learn why you or someone you know has such a deep connection to a car.
Love the Beast, directed by Eric Bana, is now available exclusively through .

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