Love At First Kill

| February 14, 2011

Perfect for your Valentine’s Day hangover, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing the psychological thriller, ‘Love At First Kill’ to DVD on February 15th. Directed by the late John Daly, producer of great films such as ‘The Terminator’, ‘Platoon’ and countless others, he brings us a medium budgeted but watchable piece of cinema.
The film stars well known actress Margot Kidder(Superman’s Lois Lane, Sisters, The Amityville Horror), along with up and comers, Lyne Renee(The Hessen Cospiracy), Noah Segan(Deadgirl, Adam & Steve, Fanboys), Michael Bowen(Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Magnolia) and Onalee Adams(The Lazarus Project).
The storyline is based off many we’ve seen before; an over-protective and neurotic, single mother who controls almost every aspect of her adult son’s life. With the premise a well-known one and some of the twists and turns being predictable, there are still a few surprises that contribute to the movie being somewhat enjoyable. A couple of these surprises is the above average acting and quality direction by John Daly.
Margot Kidder plays Beth, the neurotic, widowed mother of Harry Teberg(Segan). Still living at home, Harry is an artist of some sorts who paints his ideas and visions onto cardboard boxes. Suffering from recurring nightmares going back to his childhood, the phantasms in his mind are most likely the muse behind his artistic creations. The relationship between Harry and his mother starts going south when a beautiful woman named Marie Dupont(Renee) and her daughter Kiki(Annika Moffat) move in next door. Harry and Marie fall in love, which ratchets up fears and anxiety in Beth that her son will leave her all alone. What makes the situation worse is all the bad advice given to her by best friend, who is a self-proclaimed psychic and tarot card reader.
I’m sure you get the gist of where the story goes from set-up, to climax to ending. Like I mentioned earlier, the storyline is a well-known one, but done well and worth taking a chance on. I didn’t enjoy every minute, but there weren’t any moments that made me want to turn it off. I give it a C+.
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Love At First Kill
94 Minutes
Not Rated
No Bonus Features

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