Life or Something Like It

| April 28, 2002

That is how Lanie Kerigan describes her life at the beginning of Life or Something Like It, the new film by Stephen Herek (Rock Star) starring Anjelina Jolie, Ed Burns and Tony Shalhoub.
Kerigan is an up and coming television news reporter whose only focus is creating a successful career. From her workouts, diet, the stories she takes, and the places she is seen, it is all pointing towards that holy grail “network” job. The kink comes when she interviews a Prophet Jack, a homeless man who has a knack for on the money predictions, and he tells her she has one week to live. Suddenly, Kerigan’s life is more introspection than public projection.
I’m so glad I really enjoyed this movie. Last year when I reviewed Laura Croft (in fact, I’ve caught 4 Jolie movies as review assignments), it killed me to not give it a rave. I am such a Jolie fan I have the movie poster for that one (not the 2′ x 3′ one, the big one that hangs in the theater!) in my office. With Life, I am quite happily back in the positive column.
This is a very entertaining movie with a good message, a nice love story, and enough suspense to keep you interested. This one will get watched a few times when it hits cable, too.
The acting is wonderful. Last year’s 13 Ghosts had a star I got to rave about: Tony Shalhoub (Galaxy Quest, Men in Black. TV’s Wings). He’s in this film playing the street prophet. He is soooo good. No wonder he has 17 movie credits in the last 5 years. In Life or Something Like It, I think he has a character that would be worthy of its own movie. Hmmm, better send a note to writer John Scott Shepherd (Joe Somebody). He might already have his third movie project and not know it.
Co-star Edward Burns (15 Minutes, Saving Private Ryan) is also excellent as Kerigan’s cameraman Pete. He is the kind of guy she could fall in love with if her life was not aimed somewhere else. Also worth the price of admission is Stockard Channing as a Barbara Walters-type network interviewer who Kerigan idolizes.
Take the time in your life to see Life or Something Like It. You will enjoy it. By the way, guys, this is a GREAT first date flick.

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