Lessons for an Assassin

| June 18, 2003

Okay, get your check cards and for all you big ballers, platinum credit cards for this made for video flick. Legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee’s legacy lives on through his daughter Shannon Lee in Lessons for an Assassin, a kick butt La Femme Nikita meets Enter the Dragon.
Along the lines of Bridgett Fonda’s Point of No Return, Lessons For An Assassin tell the action packed story of convicted criminal Gavin Matthews, Robert Vitelli (The Killing Point, See Jane Run). Vitelli finds himself in a terrifying trap between life and death when his identity and past are erased by ‘The Corporation,’ a secret underground organization that trains criminal as assassins against their will. They have only two choices, comply or be eliminated.
Shannon Lee (Blade, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) is a trainer turned vigilante ‘The Corporation’ when she and Vitelli discover the true purpose of the training and of their ultimate fate. Lee and Vitelli band together to exact their own brand of justice. Oh and they get it on too, when all else fails there’s always sex to make a bad situation better. The movie also stars Michael Dorn (Star Trek series, Ali, Shadow Hours) and was directed by James Glenn Dudelson (Horror 101, Museum of the Dead).
MTI Home Video will release Gator Home Entertainment’s Lessons For An Assassin on VHS (rental) for $49.95 with your choice of English, or English with Spanish titles and DVD July 8, 2003 for $24.95 MSRP with a preorder date of June 19th. The DVD will feature Interactive Menus, Scene Selection, Trailers, and Optional Spanish Subtitles.
I might be biased because I really like the Lee clan…thought the late Brandon Lee was a cutie to the tenth power and did great in The Crow, but I also really thought Shannon Lee did a great job. Admit it, there’s just something about those Lees that draws you to them and if it does, then your money will be well spent in buying or renting this movie. Shannon Lee rocks and Lessons For An Assassin is worthy of a view.

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