Legendary Amazons

| October 16, 2012

As the title aptly suggests, Legendary Amazons is a wonderful kung fu film that delivers a hell of a good time. The Jackie Chan produced film is a remake of the Shaw Brothers and director Chang Keng’s classic, The 14 Amazons, that is based off of the Chinese folk tale of the Yang Generals. The film focuses on Yang Zongbao (Richie Jen), a general that owes allegiance to the Song Dynasty, who falls in a battle from the Invaders from Western Xia. Once his wife, Mu Guiying (Cecilia Chung) hears about the tragedy that has befallen upon her family, she rounds up the rest of the women within the family and heads to the front lines. Filled with an all star cast and some fantastic fighting choreography, Legendary Amazons is one film that kung fu aficionados will not want to miss.

At first, I was really skeptical about how good this remake was going to be, which wasn’t helped by the terrible CGI effects that are introduced into the first battle. If I would have given up there, it would have been a travesty, because shortly after we are introduced to all of the major roles via a title sequence and training montage that effectively sells the level of talent in Amazons. The other element that made me feel really comfortable was our introduction to the relationship of Cecilia Chung and Richie Jen’s characters. In this scene, we invited to the playfulness that exists within many older kung fu films and solidified it as a nod to those classic films. Not only this, but the inclusion of Chang Pei Pei and Liu Xhaoqing show how dedicated the production was in showing the beauty in some of the roots of Hong Kong cinema.

Well Go USA’s Blu-Ray of the film is presented with an AVC encoded, 1080p video track, with an aspect ratio of 2.34:1. The film boasts some really impressive design elements, with some of the sets and costume design, that really look good in the transfer. If there was just one thing to really complain about, is that the video track looks so good, when the crappy CGI elements show up, they really stand out in the transfer. The audio on the disc comes with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Mandarin track, a Dolby Digital 2.0 Mandarin track and an English Dolby Digital 2.0 Track. I mainly stuck with the 5.1 track, which was truly immersive on all fronts and was the best way to experience the film. The extras were certainly on the light side, with poorly recorded behind the scenes and a trailer to round the disc out.

Frankie Chan delivers a solid throw back kung fu film with Legendary Amazons, with its extraordinary cast, fantastic action and compelling story. If you’re a huge fan of kung fu films, or especially The 14 Amazons, sit down and treat yourself to the Legendary Amazons, because its 108 minutes well spent. Highly Recommended!

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