Kevin Smith 3-Movie Collection On Blu-ray

| November 25, 2009

Mirimax has released a Kevin Smith box-set on Blu-ray format, featuring three of his first five movies and a slew of quality bonus features, which make the whole purchase worth the ticket price. ‘Clerks’, ‘Chasing Amy’, and ‘Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back’ fill up the pack and are Smith’s first, third and fifth efforts respectively.
At first I was wondering why these three movies were chosen out of the five, leaving ‘Mallrats’ and ‘Dogma’ out of the mix. But then I realized it’s simply because they are better and more relavant to Kevin Smith’s ‘View Askewniverse’- films that feature recurrent characters and crossover plot elements named after his production company ‘View Askew Productions’. It was fun watching these cult classics again after almost a decade, especially checking out all the bonus features which could almost make up their own box-set. So even if you’re a huge Kevin Smith fan and you’re down that this new compilation seems to be missing a couple titles, I would still pick it up, knowing they picked the best three.
The bonus features by movie include:
*Theatrical Version
-Classic Commentary Circa ’95 – Featuring Kevin, Mos, Mewes, Brian and Others
-Enhanced Playback Track – Synchronized trivia and cast and crew quotes
*The First Cut Version
-The First Cut Audio Commentary With Kevin, Brian, Jeff, Mos and Mewes – 3 viewing modes
-2004 Kevin Smith Intro
*Clerks: The Lost Scene – Animated Short
*The Flying Car
*Clerks Restoration
*Theatrical Trailer
*Soul Asylum ‘Can’t Even Tell’ Music Video
*Snowball Effect: The Story Of Clerks
*Mae Day: ‘The Crumbling Of A Documentary’ With Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
*Outakes From Snowball Effect
*And More
Chasing Amy-
*Audio Commentary With Writer/Director/Actor Kevin Smith And Producer Scott Mosier
*Tracing Amy: The Chasing Amy Doc
*Was It Something I Said?
-A Conversation With Kevin And Joey
*10 Years Later Q & A
-With Kevin Smith And The Cast
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back-
*Audio Commentary With Director/Actor Kevin Smith, Producer/Editor Scott Mosier And Actor Jason Mewes
*Instant Access To Select Movie Scenes That Showcase The Ultimate In High Definition Picture And Sound

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