Justin Time

| March 30, 2010

Justin time is the cute family action adventure movie which tells a tale of magic and the struggle between good and evil. The teenager Justin (Chris Laird) is given an ancient amulet for his birthday. It has been passed down through the generations until it ends up with Justin as he is half Shoshoni Indian. Justin soon discovers that it contains the power to stop time. Then the beautiful Angelique (Shareece Pfeiffer) enters his life, and not coincidentally. Her father holds the other piece to the amulet’s power- a magical disc. He knows that the two objects combined will bestow upon the owner immense powers and, so, he will stop at nothing to attain the amulet.
The concept behind the movie is neat, fresh, and takes the audience on an unique journey which combines reality with a hint of the magical. The movie itself is clean, wholesome, and contains good messages for kids. It explores the importance of heritage and having pride for one’s family as well as the complications and importance of doing the right thing. Also, the film is well- polished with entertaining performances by the cast.
The movie did feel a bit dull after the opening sequence and could have used a bit more comedic relief but the fun, likable characters kept it interesting. Kids may find it funnier; but it seems only appropriate for kids 12 and up. There is no graphic violence but a couple of conflicts have mature violence and may be too realistic for little kids. I hope that the young adolescents can appreciate the fantastic concept of magical heirlooms because the movie is definitely worth it. The morals are important and, unlike afternoon specials, they are presented more subtly and so are easily digested. The denouement is great; the film picks up pace and gets more intriguing as it progresses. Justin Time is good family fun!

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