Just Married

| January 12, 2003

Fast forward, if you will, about 20 years, when E! Or A&E does one of those biography specials about actors and let’s take a look at the Brittany Murphy story. When they talk about her early 20’s I think they will point to some of her comedic work as a bedrock for the versatile actress that at that point everyone will realize. They will show snippets from Riding in Cars with Boys (especially the scene when she helps Drew Barrymore role play how she is going to tell her parents she is pregnant), Clueless, and Just Married as examples of how she had developed comedic timing early on in her career. Most of us will not have seen some of these flicks but will remark how good she was in them and remember to check them out when they come on late night television. “Eeerily like Lucile Ball,” some others will think. That same special will also show clips from Don’t Say A Word, 8 Mile, and Girl, Interrupted as proof of her early talent as a serious actress, as well. What I’m saying here is that unlike that other Britney running around on MTV, this one can act like no one’s business. Brittany Murphy, who headlined this little flick, is worth a trip to the theater. It’s unfortunate she has the same first name as another woman with a much shallower career.
So what about the movie? Since the target demographic was aimed somewhat below my 42 years, I thought I would let my 18-year-old alter ego HJ take over for while…
“Dude, you remember the Dude Where’s My Car guy? The dork in That 70’s Show? So he’s, like in this new movie where he marries this rich little hottie even though her parents don’t want them to. She had to have tons of cash because he’s broke and they still go to these total non-minimum wage places on their hotel… Italy and France I think…and keep getting interrupted when all they want to do is do it for the first time after they get married. Stuff keeps happening to them, like her old boyfriend trying to break them up, and they get all mad at each other and go back home. He has to figure out some way to get back in her life but her parents and family suck and make it really hard. It was really funny and the girl is that little hottie from Summer Catch who made that guy late for his first day of practice by taking off her top… Brittany something. Anyway, when we saw the movie, there were tons of kids and everyone was laughing a bunch so I think you should see it.”
Thanks, HJ, for that. By the way, the male lead you were talking about is Ashton Kutcher who, by the way, just married Murphy. I hope he takes examples from her acting instead of the other way around. And I hope that, unlike Mrs. Kevin Klein, she doesn’t decide to stop acting to raise a family instead of working in film. I liked the movie, too. It was exactly what the trailer promised, a light, funny, teenage targeted movie about a boy and girl who meet fall in love, have troubles but in the end get it together and live happily ever after. There is even a part written to seem like my friend’s slutty ex-wife. Her name is Wendy (the character, and probably not the real woman) and she totally throws herself at a married man just cause she wants it and is too stupid to give a damn.
So, see Just Married for the fun of it. And to see some great acting from an actress on the rise.

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