Joe Maddison’s War

| July 28, 2011

World War II serves as the backdrop for one man’s struggles and how these affect those close to him in the wonderful film Joe Maddison’s War. The year is 1940, and as the war breaks out, Joe, a British Everyman and WWI veteran, finds his sense of reality turned inside out. While constantly being reminded of his proud past but informed that he is “too old” to fight again, he must also contend with his wife’s desertion. Fortunately, Joe has Harry, a loyal yet jaded friend and fellow WWI veteran, to accompany him in on his journey to reassemble his life and identity.
The film has so many artistic high points that it would be a shame to miss what is being offered here. Patrick Collerton’s direction is fluid and his cinematographic choices are superb. The movie is filmed with mellow hues that feel not only real and period-appropriate, but also resemble the dreariness of Joe’s situation. Throughout the film, the editing choices were well-conceived and kept the story tight. News clips were inserted throughout the movie, strongly paralleling Joe’s own troubles. Kevin Whately’s portrayal of Joe and Robson Green’s performance as Harry were sublime and sympathetic as the audience observed and empathized with their turmoil. Occasionally, the accents were a bit hard to decipher, but the whole cast’s solid performances more than make up for it.
Overall, the film is a wonderful piece of inner turmoil and growth, displaying the importance of bravery, camaraderie, understanding, and affection. Both dramatic and poignant, this darling film deserves accolades.

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