Jay and Silent Bob Get Irish

| March 19, 2013

Jay and Silent Bob Get Irish is a comedic tour- de- force.  That’s ironic, considering it’s not a movie proper and Jay and Silent Bob aren’t in it.  Instead, it’s over 3 hours of the brainchild behind the notable characters; the incomparable Kevin Smith; and his trusty straight man Jason Mewes; talking, just talking.  It is literally the two of them sitting at a table conversing, sharing experiences and stories in a casual and engaging manner.  The two took this show to both Dublin, Ireland and, in a great bonus show, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Two guys just having a long chat may not sound like a desirable way to spend money on a DVD, but it is absolutely worth it if you like laughing.  Using the familiarity of the title characters may bring audience in, but the natural, comedic elements keep the audience enthralled.  As with directing his movies, Smith is the genius pulling the strings with his uncanny wit and Mewes is the perfect straight man, accentuating Smith’s bite with his own humorous physicality and responses.

As they weave their way through a myriad of topics, from personal topics like Mewes’ drug abuse and rehabilitation to the meeting of his wife, and then to more universal subjects like the origin behind Pancake Day, Ash Wednesday, and other religious rituals, the two utilize incredibly comic dichotomies.  They approach each with such irreverence while maintaining sensitivity that a viewer feels that he is not witnessing a show but is merely part of a jocular conversation.  And there is a ton of blue language, gestures, and crass concepts, but Smith and Mewes have a sincerity and comic chemistry that transcends the baseness.  While some people may be turned off by the vulgarity and seemingly sacrilegious nature of the dialogue; one only has to sit back, relax, and realize these two are just having fun at everyone’s expense and there is no malice involved.  Underlying the glamor of the show is a genuine friendship which lends an endearing sensibility to their chemistry. The end result is that these two can make people roar by simply being themselves.

Spotted throughout the constant amusement are bits of comedic genius.  In Ireland, Smith has written a “Happy Birthday” tribute to an attending fan and its execution kept me in stitches. He pulled in enthusiastic, yet ridiculous audience participation while using Mewes as a lame excuse for a “drummer boy.”  Then there are the games they play: “Let us f#*k” and “Let Us Act.”  The former is again a great example to pull in the audience as willing fans join Mewes onstage for lewd acts.  It really needs to be seen to be appreciated.  “Let Us Act” was amazingly hilarious as the pair reenact a scene from “American Beauty” with two retired porn stars as the leads.  This last bit was a complete laugh riot as Smith chastises Mewes’ inept turn at directing his actresses.

The 3 shows and awesome bonus time of more “Let Us F#*k” are not to be missed!  While their humor may be too offensive for some, if one can realize it’s not for shock value but is a natural component of their banter, then their comedy can be appreciated.  Not to mention that anyone who can deftly incorporate such diverse subjects as the meaning of religious holidays, hiring hookers, and anime into one conversation, deserves an open- minded viewing.  Jay and Silent Bob Get Irish is merely a fantastic compilation of unscripted, innate comedy of two good friends sharing their laughs and having a good time.

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