Insight of Evil

| August 10, 2004

During the last days of school at Watertown High, the beautiful Tanya Beach has been increasingly troubled by the mysterious disappearance of her twin sister. Against the wishes of her mother, Tanya decides to blow off steam and joins her classmates at a lakeside cottage for the first party of the summer. Little does Tanya know that months before, this was the site of a gruesome death and is now the home of a tortured soul who will not rest until those responsible join her in Hell.
Writer/director Nigel Hartwell takes the ever popular teen slasher flick down a darker, more sundry road, painting his indie horror story with bleaker, more sordid situations and character twists than we’re used to seeing in mainstream horror. And for the most part, he’s crafted a mildly successful chiller, mostly due to a certain stylistic flare that’s demonstrated in some of his visuals — particularly in the few sequences that reveal a character’s inner turmoil — and a stand out performance by Tiffany Edwardson, who takes the lead role of Tanya by the hair and gives her a nice twist. But the major fault of this flick lies in Hartwell’s amateurish storytelling abilities. He comes close to hitting the mark, but ultimately suffers–not horribly though–from overused clichés and some really glaring leaps in logic. At times you’ll scratch your head wondering how the lead girl can be so oblivious to the fact that she’s been hanging out with the brother of the guy who was convicted of raping her own twin sister. But these kinds of flaws are expected in this brand of micro-budget flicks, right alongside the stagy acting.

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