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| January 29, 2012

In Time is a futuristic, cutting-edge thriller where time is currency and everyone lives to be 25. After reaching the age of 25, you biologically stop aging but you fight like the dickens to gain more time—or else you are dead within one year. Job wages are paid for not with money but with time, i.e., one week’s wages may earn you another month of life. But when you pay rent, ride the bus or go to the bar, you pay with time, which is deducted from you via a scan on your arm—one hour for bus fare, three hours for a drink at the bar, etc. Everyone works as hard as they can to add more time to their lives.
Justin Timberlake plays Will, and he’s living on the fringes of society, along with his mother, both of whom are running out of time. When time runs out on you, you simply fall out and die right on the spot. They both live in an area known as the zone, which is simply the ghetto. Poor people line up at a local organization to borrow or obtain free more time, so their lives can be extended. They also borrow time from the bank at exorbitant interest rates. They are guarded by timekeepers who are ready to kill them on the spot for any infractions.
However, the rich buy their way out of the situation, while the rest are left to negotiate for immortality. Fortunately, Will comes into contact with a “millionaire,” and he is gifted more time than he can imagine. But the millionaire turns up dead, and Will is falsely accused of murder. Afterward, Will is a fugitive on the run and becomes determined to bring down the entire system by any means possible. He meets a socialite who has lived a sheltered life and is ready to go on the lam with him. They rob the rich in order to help the poor, even at great risk of the socialite being killed or cut off from her family’s wealth.
In Time is an interesting movie that puts an innovative spin on class warfare and corruption. It’s a movie where a nice sports car will cost you three years, and the rich go on with their ostentatious lives, not caring about the “have-nots.” The scene where Will tries to meet his mother after she leaves work—before she runs out of time—is totally heartbreaking! So it seems that nothing, as expected, will be different in the future. Only, if In Time is any indication, “time” will be worth more to people than we could ever imagine.
In Time also stars Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy and is available on Blu-ray and DVD January 31 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Showcasing stunning visual effects and gravity defying stunts, the In Time Blu-ray is loaded with bonus materials including an exclusive featurette “THE MINUTES” to discover the origins of the film’s time-based society, deleted and extended scenes, and access to the enhanced In Time The Game APP. DVD special features include deleted and extended scenes.
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