Ill Manors

| November 19, 2013

Ill Manors is a unique and explosive crime thriller that follows six people over the course of seven days as they fight to make a name for themselves on the unforgiving streets of London. The characters struggle to survive the circles of violence that engulf each of them: ex-dealer Kirby, who has just been released from prison; thug Ed, who will stop at nothing to find his missing phone; troubled Michelle, who is just looking for her next hit; young Jake, who finds himself drawn to a local gang; Katya, who is desperately trying to escape her foreign surroundings; and Aaron, who is just trying to do the right thing. Directed by award-winning musician Plan B (Ben Drew), the film is a gripping experience laced with street-wise humor.

There was a lot going on in this movie, drug dealing, drug using, prostituting and, of course, people getting shot up. One drug lord forces his lackey to strip naked, after he is found not exactly going by the plan. A sad scene is when two young girls are on the hunt for a drug dealer, who they think will help them in other ways, and a young, misguided male, who has been ordered to just kill anyone, ends up killing one of the young women, as soon as the homeowner opens the door. What ensues is one drug dealer’s quest to find out who murdered his younger sister, while he probably regrets the day that he entered the drug trade. Of course, there is much double- and triple-crossing, as one thug after the other tries to clear his trail away from the police.

I became a little lost in this film, but I totally love British gangster films and those filmed in London, especially. However,there is enough action, fast talk and fast, pulsating music to keep one fixated to the screen. In the end, some major players come to redemption, and others simply get their faces blown off.

The movie stars Riz Ahmed, Natalie Press, Ed Skrein, Anouska Mond and Mem Ferda, among others.

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