If I Sang A Silly Song…

| February 15, 2012

Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated, and twenty years after the birth of VeggieTales, Larry, Bob, and the rest of the crew put together the ultimate celebration: a countdown of the best silly songs! Picked by the fans and set up like a telethon, the countdown takes place in the VeggieTales Theater where all the fan-favorite characters are busy taking calls onstage. Appropriately, Larry the Cucumber hosts the show, looking quite dapper in a tux and a Cary Grant-esque hairdo.
It’s the show that’s entertained kids and allowed moms to breathe a sigh of relief with its squeaky clean humor and values. Babysitters forget they’re on the job when the kids pop in one of their VeggieTales DVDs. And who doesn’t enjoy the joke that goes over a kid’s head just a little bit more than all the other jokes?
Like so many episodes before it, this VeggieTales special sticks to its shtick, indulging in that universal and quirky sense of humor that caused a generation to fall in love with the show. Fans are calling in and answering the question, “If I sang a silly song, what would it be about?” They share their crazy ideas from odd-shaped gelatin molds to platypuses. This leads to some classic and hilarious conversations amongst the telethon participants and lots of laughs from the audience.
After Larry performs a jazzier, live version of the theme song, the countdown begins. Fans of the series get to hear the top user-picked tunes from the past twenty years, including Song of the Cebu, The Water Buffalo Song, and Dance of The Cucumber, and more recent hits like Sport Utility Vehicle, Where Have All The Staplers Gone?, and Pizza Angel. There are occasional inserts and broadcasts from the live show, but the majority of the episode is composed of those infamous silly songs.
The entire show is full of nostalgia and viewers are going to want to watch again and again. The songs are all so catchy, no matter how old or new, and the variety is so amazing that it’s hard to believe there are so few minds behind the sensation. VeggieTales is sure to stay around for a while. It’ll be fun to see which songs will be picked for the next twenty-year anniversary!

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