Ice Age:A Mammoth Christmas Special

| December 6, 2011

The whole gang is back, including the entertaining interwoven vignettes of Scrat chasing his elusive acorn! This time the story focuses on proving the existence of Santa Claus and how the gang helps to save Christmas.
It starts out with the Manny bringing home a Christmas rock that is a family heirloom to them. Sid, being his helpful self, shows them another way to decorate for Christmas and, of course, all chaos breaks loose. In his frustration with Sid, Manny tells him that he is on “Santa’s naughty list”.
The next day, Peaches convinces Sid, Crash, and Eddie to embark on an adventure to the North Pole to find Santa to prove to her dad that he is real and to remove Sid’s name from the “Naughty List.” Of course Sid ends up making things much worse. And once again, the gang comes together to save the day.
The plot of “A Mammoth Christmas” uses an age old theme, but for kids and Ice Age fans it’s a sweet, simple Christmas story.

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