History of the World in Two Hours

| March 12, 2012

The History Channel creates another exciting adventure with their documentary special History of the World in Two Hours. This program provides a thorough chronology of the entire universe, from the infinitesimal flash of the Big Bang to the introduction of the Space Age. While I could have done with a little less emphasis on how the show wraps up the entire history of our world in “just two hours,” the narrative is so interesting and informative I was consistently fascinated.
13.7 billion years. That’s the amount of time this program covers. The interactions that have driven our evolution since the creation of the universe is the theme that carries this narrative along. Chemical elements interacted to form the stars and planets, causing explosions that eventually created Earth. Some of these same elements interacted to form the beginning of life on our planet, and it’s these persistent interactions that have moved human civilization into the 21st century.
During the show, there were times when the narrative jumped ahead in what seemed to be an attempt to keep viewers interested in where the story was heading. I thought this was unnecessary, and actually caused some confusion in the chronological flow of events. Interviews with experts who are obviously fascinated with the creation of our world helped explain the science and history behind everything. The CGI effects illustrated how amazingly violent our past was, from the design of our planet and its moon, to the massive extinctions that led to a human-dominated planet.
I’m never disappointed watching a show from the History Channel. I could view an episode of Ancient Aliens or Life After People over and over again, yet still come away with an appealing little bit of knowledge I never heard before. These shows are exciting and offer an opportunity to learn how amazing our history is. Most importantly, they explain our past through constant interaction, emphasizing how connected we are to one another. History of the World in Two Hours accomplishes this same thing, focusing on the interactions that not only made our universe possible, but make our modern lives possible as well.

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Kylah Magee received an MA in film studies from Chapman University and a music degree from Texas State. She has worked with the LA Film Festival and the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. She owns and operates Nine Muses Studio where she teaches private voice lessons in Austin, TX.
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