He’s Mine, Not Yours

| December 5, 2011

He’s Mine, Not Yours is an independent and deliciously cheesy romantic comedy. It’s sure to pose as a guilty pleasure for even the most distinguished moviegoers for years to come.
Brooke and Kent have been dating for four years. They joke around with each other, confide in each other, and spend time together like an old married couple, but their relationship lacks trust. Kent and was an avid womanizer in his younger years, and when Kent tries to convince Brooke that he’s ready to settle down, she doesn’t fully believe him.That’s where the “MS” comes in.
Mandy is the “Man Stealer,” a self-employed woman hired by women who want to ensure that their man is honest. She dresses seductively, gets to know the men, and tries to provoke them in order to prove to their girlfriends that they’re either trustworthy or they’re not. Brooke hires Mandy, but is taken aback when Mandy admits that she is beginning to fall for Kent. A fight between the two women ensues and puts a serious strain on an otherwise healthy relationship. The battle ultimately puts everyone on edge, and makes Kent and Brooke wonder if they even have a future together.
The film features some pretty nice cinematography. It has an indie feel to it, and while there are a few technical flaws, it’s pretty well done. What’s unfortunate is that, despite some good acting, the script gets cheesy at times and some of the twists and turns don’t feel too original. The actors sometimes try too hard to be funny, but there are some pretty hilarious scenes. The cool premise makes the occasional soap opera drama more tolerable.

He’s Mine, Not Yours
is fun to watch. Some scenes are more predictable than others, and there are some close calls and silly scenes that really pull you in. The character development is excellent, and each character’s personality shines through. It feels really authentic. The movie reminds moviegoers that there are good people and bad people everywhere. Some relationships are meant to last, and some aren’t, but that’s no reason to lose your trust in people. The film ends on an interesting note and, though it’s dripping with cheesiness, it really is a sweet rom-com.

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