Hellsing Ultimate Vol.IX and X

| October 30, 2014

As someone whose grown up watching violent anime, I’ve always managed to rally behind Kouta Hirano’s Hellsing. While the TV series falls of the rails, the Hellsing Ultimate series offered plenty of entertainment, whose first anime series were Fist of the North Star and Ninja Scroll. While its been a long time coming, Hellsing Ultimate has finally ended and while its been an overall enjoyable experience, the final episodes of the series manage to fall as flat as the TV show, if not worse. After London has fallen into a sea of blood and chaos by Millennium, Integrea, Seras, Alucard and the remnants of the Hellsing Organization try everything in their power to destroy the Neo-Nazi group. There are infuriating betrayals, characters that mysteriously come back from the dead and rivers of blood that make Hellsing Ultimate a mixed bag of missed opportunities and overwrought conclusions.

The main issue with the final two episodes, stem from the majority of characters vomiting massive amounts of exposition and plot twists that are only meant to shock the viewer, with no real grounding in the story related thus far. While I thought it was interesting at who the traitor was and how they were helping Millennium the entire time, the fact that the character has no true motive for betraying the Hellsing Organization and Alucard himself, felt completely empty. Not only this, but with the fact that many of the characters that do end up on the chopping block, recite absurd monologues, only with the intention of tying up loose ends or making things as convenient as you can with exposition. Everything feels completely forced and while the fight sequences are pretty amazing, you still can’t help but feel like you’re being cheated.

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack for the final volume of Hellsing Ultimate, comes with some great A/V presentation and some solid extras to round out the disc. The video is presented in a AVC encoded, 1080p HD transfer, with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. Hellsing Ultimate Vol.IX and X look just as amazing as previous volumes and present some stellar HD quality. The animation is pretty detailed and with the rich colors of red and black primarily filling the series color palette, Hellsing Ultimate still manages to stay as atmospheric with its visual presentation. The audio on the disc is presented in two DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mixes, the original Japanese track and the English dub. Both mixes are very good, with the surround activity and LFE channels being used effectively, especially during the action sequences. There’s a fair amount of extras on the disc as well, which include interviews with the English voice cast, two commentaries, a video commentary of episode IX and a Memoriam segment, that shows every single death in the entire Hellsing Ultimate series.

While the A/V presentation on the disc is fantastic, the actual content of the final volume for Hellsing Ultimate is sure to leave a dismal impression on anyone that’s been invested in this property for a long time and might turn people away from investing in the first place. While I’ve certainly enjoyed most of my time with Hellsing Ultimate, its pretty disheartening and I’d first tell people to watch another series in its place.

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