Hellsing Ultimate: Episodes V-VIII Boxed Set

| November 13, 2012

The wait for more episodes of Hellsing Ultimate to come out in the U.S. has been extremely long, but after seeing these four episodes in this latest boxed set, I can honestly say that it was worth every single second! Millennium, the secret Nazi group, Iscariot, the Vatican’s elite squad of demon hunters and the Hellsing organization come head to head, with the entirety of London as their battleground. With the stakes getting bigger and bigger, its up to Alucard, Seras Victoria and the rest of the Hellsing organization to stop the onslaught and the Vatican’s secret plan to wage another crusade, that will ravage the entire world. While this OVA series has changed a director’s in Japan and distributor’s in the U.S., it still remains as an intense action series, full of graphic imagery and compelling characters, that will make Hellsing fans satiated and wanting more, after they’re done with this latest set.

With episode V through VIII of Hellsing Ultimate, we get to see a bunch of insight into many of our main characters and plenty of payoffs from the previous four episodes. While the first two episodes in the previous set rush through a bunch of the source material, these four episodes do an impeccable job at highlighting both major and minor characters of the series. Another element that’s at the forefront is the violence, gore and action that just ups the ante in every way. This series has never shown any restraint before, but there were moments in this set that just blew me away. From civilian’s faces being ripped off by vampires, to the harrowing home invasion from Victoria’s past, all of the imagery is very much intense and not for the fainthearted. Even amidst all of this chaos and violence, there’s still elements of absurdist comedy thrown in for good measure. The best segment opens episode V, with the spirit of one of Alucard’s guns showing up as Bruce Willis, telling him that he needs to treat him better, complete with a cameo of Nakatomi Plaza for good measure.

The Blu-Ray’s video boasts 1080p AVC encoded HD transfer, with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. Much like the previous four episodes, this new batch comes off as upconversions as well. The sharpness is somewhat lacking, but the video looks extremely well, which show off plenty of reds and black colors that permeate the entirety of this set as well. The audio comes in both English and Japanese DTS-HD 5.1 mixes. Talesin Jaffe’s script wins again, as the English adaptation of this new batch of episodes pretty much sets a high mark and charm that the original track lacks. That’s isn’t necessarily a complete knock against the Japanese track, but the level of care placed into the English track makes the series very enjoyable. The second Blu-Ray disc in the set contains as many extras as the first set and also includes a nice chipboard box to house both sets together. A commentary track for each episode, a few panel discussions, interviews with the cast, as well as a sort of Q and A section with the actor’s and production team that cover everything from acting tips to the actual production process round out the bevy of extras.

This boxed set of Hellsing Ultimate shows the beauty of the OVA format and everything that makes the series a fan favorite in the first place. A no holds barred and blood soaked tale, that highlights the vampire myth, complete with style and intensity. If you’ve grown up on anime and feel as though the current trends of Moe and Harem shows are too much for you, you owe it to yourself to checkout this second boxed set of Hellsing Ultimate. Highly Recommended!


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