Heaven’s Lost Property: The Angeloid of Clockwork

| February 26, 2013

Full of flying panties, unrequited love and a robot angel harem, Heaven’s Lost Property: The Angeloid of Clockwork is something that I certainly did not enjoy and had trouble trying to swallow the ridiculousness of it all. Following the events of the first two seasons, Clockwork follows Tomoki and the New World Discovery Club being up to wacky high school hijinks. In the midst of all this, a girl named Hiyori, that has fallen in love with Tomoki, wishes to be closer to him. In the process of trying join the club, she’s humiliated by Tomoki, to only then confess her true feelings. Once this happens, a tragic event occurs where Hiyori disappears and no one remembers her, but Tomoki. Turns out that Hiyori is linked to Ikaros and Nymph, as an angeloid herself and is sent down by the Master of the Synapse to kill Tomoki. Full of insane fan service and a slightly interesting unrequited love story, Heaven’s Lost Property: The Angeloid of Clockwork presents an animated feature that doesn’t stand well on its own and is chock full of things I hate about current anime trends.

The film somewhat requires one to be knowledgable about the events that have already taken place in the first two seasons of Heaven’s Lost Property. While I was still able to get by and infer enough about what was going on, there were plenty of times where I was still a bit lost in the inner workings of the various relationships contained in the 96 minute movie. The love story is somewhat interesting, especially in the sense of how Hiyori’s feelings are fully presented to Tomoki. There’s a sense of genuine love involved and once Tomoki finds out about it, the fact that his character emits an emotional response is certainly appealing and making it seem as if he’s actually changing from a perverted teenager, to a socially responsible young adult.

Even with this love story intact, there’s so much ridiculous fan service going on in film, that its so hard to take it seriously, even when its trying to. The sequence of flying panties, the panty sushi and other awkward elements dealing with the girls and angeloids are just a bit much for my tastes. The work done by Studio AIC on the film is a slight upgrade from the animation on the TV series, with a bit more production value in its animation. Director Hisashi Saito, retains his position from the first two seasons to craft the film, along with screenwriter Yuuko Kakihara to tell this feature length tale of the New World Discovery Club.

Containing terrible fan service tropes and a love story that’s slightly interesting, only existing fans of Heaven’s Lost Property would be able to appreciate the film, in all its panty crazed glory.

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