Heart of Stone

| July 18, 2003

“‘Til death do us part,” has a completely new meaning in this movie full of twists and surprise endings. In Heart of Stone, a deadly predator is stalking LA college campuses, killing young coeds. Mary Sanders, played by Angie Everhart (Another 9/1 Weeks, Bordello of Blood), sends her own daughter off to school. Faced with a dead marriage and a big home with harsh sounds of rock emanating from her daughter’s empty bedroom, Mary decides to take the plunge into the realm of infidelity.
She hooks up with James Wilder’s (Veronica’s Closet, Melrose Place) character that quickly turns out to be obsessive and violent. As Mary attempts to sever ties with her new boyfriend, she finds it increasingly more difficult when he begins to blackmail her into continuing their relationship.
The coed body count steadily rises as Mary works to save her marriage and fight off the unwanted advances from her crazy lover. She begins to suspect that he is the serial killer preying on the girls. Mary is in a race to save her daughter who has fallen prey to the killer and save her self from all dangers both known and unknown.
Surprises awaited me as I watched Heart of Stone. If the storyline seemed to wan, the twists and turns and sheer ballsy attitude of Wilder’s character sure did keep my attention. There were some moves in Hearts of Stone that even I wasn’t expecting.
MTI Home Video and Artist View Entertainment set Hearts of Stone’s street date for August 26th. It will be available in both VHS and DVD format with Spanish subtitles. VHS is $49.95 srp and DVD is $24.95. The DVD features also include interactive menus, scene selections, cast bios, and trailers. Check out www.mtivideo.com for further information.

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