Greek: Chapter Three

| August 26, 2009

Remember those crazy college years? Yeah, it was a drunken good ol’ time. Today, that degree that cost too much in the first place isn’t worth a McDonald’s paycheck. Back then, chugging twenty beers was a menial task and falling asleep in the middle of class meant resting up for a wild party later on that night. Years later, those twenty beers have formed into a gut that stretches out ten feet and suddenly falling asleep during a work presentation means that the baby was crying all night. What happened? You are bald, fat, and working a lousy job and the dream girl you married turned out to be worse than your nagging mother in law.
Well, don’t worry. Relive those college years with the third chapter of Greek. The lovable siblings, Rusty and Casey, face another year of partying, pledges and pending heartaches. What about class and studying? There is not enough time for that. Want to know what college is about, then, look no further. Yes, why even go to college. Buy Greek: Chapter Three – it’s cheaper than a year of tuition and more entertaining.
Bonus Features include – 20 questions with the cast of Greek, Bloopers and Audio commentary.
All-New season starts August 31 at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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